Teaching method

Not one teaching method in particular but rather an educational orientation inspired by several teaching methods, well thought out and put into practice day after day by the educational team depending on the evolution of the child and his/her family in society.

In a few points :

* Every group is supervised by an educator of young children, seconded by 1 or 2 early childhood assistants.

* The groups are composed of children of different ages (from 2 to 6 years old), which encourages the coeducation and the cooperation between children.

* Stability and educational continuity : the same educational team from 7:45AM till 6:15PM throughout the week.

* Respect of every child’s rhythm and personality: our purpose is to give to the child the will to learn, to allow him/her to have an opinion, to express it, to help him/her to do things by himself/herself but also to allow him/her to bloom within a group while respecting the others.

* Preparation for primary school by the school prerequisites teaching.

flèche  See the booklet (in French)

* Cultural awakening all year:

  • Discovery of various cultures, in particular those, numerous, represented in the nursery school;
  • Study of painters, discovery of artistic techniques, museum outings ;
  • Theater outings all year (TJP, Illiade, Le préau, theater of Kehl).

* Optional (there is a charge): English workshop (1 to 3h/week), German workshop, musical awakening, African dance, discovery of the Chinese culture in partnership with the Confucius Institute.