Who are we ?

Definition / Origin of nursery schools

A nursery school is a place of development for the children from 2 to 6 years old. Their opening is subject to an authorization of functioning delivered by the General Council chairman after notification of the Mother and Child welfare services. Nursery schools are under the responsibility of an educator of young children (EYC) who is director and of EYC’s responsible for groups who offer support and specific activities encouraging the development of the children. They offer a regular welcome with maximal opening hours which correspond to nursery schools (écoles maternelles) schedules, or even more. At present, nursery schools are subjected to the decrees n°2000-762 of August 1st, 2000, n°2007-230 of February 20th, 2007 and n°2010-613 of June 7th, 2010.

History of the nursery school « Les Tout Petits d’Alsace »

In 1924, in the current premises, occupied at the time by the sisters of Saint Vincent de Paul, a day nursery was opened, « Les Tout Petits d’Alsace » for the young children of large families visited by the Benefactresses. The nuns who managed the establishment retired in 1985. Since, the non-profit association is led by nonreligious volunteers who deal with the management with an educator of young children as director.


At the present time, the association executive committee is composed of parents or former parents of children and/or of people interested in the school project.

flèche  See the executive committee organization (in French)

The team

The management of the nursery school is entrusted by the executive committee to Mrs Aurélie Ira, educator of young children and holder of the CAFERUIS. The nursery school team is composed of about twenty members : a secretary, five EYC, early childhood auxiliaries and service employees.


The annual budget of the association is included between 550.000 and 600.000 Euros. We are partially subsidised by the Family Allowance Fund (10 %) and by the City of Strasbourg (3 %). The school fees paid by families allow the association to assure the rest of the budget (87 %). The city, the Family Allowance Fund and the General Council  also partially subsidise the investment (works of renovation, furniture, etc.).